De afgelopen dagen komt er steeds meer informatie over Myst 3. Bij Gamespy hebben naast de gebruikelijke screenshots en previews een interview gehouden met Dan Irish de producer van Myst 3.

Hieronder alvast een stukje van het interview:

GameSpy: What is the basic story behind Myst III?

Dan Irish: In Myst III: Exile, we're telling the tale of a bitter man whose homeworld was destroyed by Sirrus and Achenar, and who has been living on another age for 20 years. He returns to take revenge against Atrus and his family. The player is trapped in a mysterious age, and must explore the environment and navigate its puzzles to gradually uncover the mystery of this new adversary.

GameSpy: Would you say Myst III is more similar to the original Myst or Riven?

Dan Irish: Myst III: Exile is a combination of the best elements of Myst and Riven. Graphically, it is closer to Riven. In terms of gameplay, both Myst and Riven had admirable points. Riven had a complex plot with several interesting character interactions. However, the plot was so complex and the world so large that it was difficult to determine what your goal was at any given time. We're trying to bring back the clear goals of Myst without losing any of the plot complexity or environment depth of Riven.