GameSlice heeft onlangs een interview kunnen houden met Bill Leeb en Chris Peterson. Dit zijn de personen die verantwoordelijk zijn voor de muziek in ID's nieuwste versie van de populaire serie Quake games: Quake3:Team Arena. Have you taken any of the music you've done for Quake III or the add-on and released it on a F.L.A. album?

Bill: We're not allowed to. We signed an exclusive contract, so that music is theirs. We got a flat sum, and they own the music lock, stock, and barrel.

Chris: Though what happens when you do stuff like this is you learn how to expand your horizons, which affects everything you do from then on in a positive way.

Have they discussed the idea of releasing a soundtrack album?

Chris: No, though there's MP3s of some of the stuff on some Front Line Assembly websites. Bestudeer het hele verhaal right over here.