Gamespy heeft een interview met Bjorn Lynne (de man achter de muziek in Worms en Worms Armageddon) Ze spreken over onder andere inspiraties, de toekomst van muziek in games en hoe een soundtrack tot stand komt:GameSpy: What's your overall goal when you start a project? How do you try to capture the feel of the game/map it will be played in? Bjorn: I try to have a look at the conceptual and half-finished artwork, because I have learned over the years that it's first about the visuals, *then* about the audio - and the audio should complement the visuals, not the other way around. So I look at game sketches, early mock-up screenshots, the various elements that the environment is made up of, and just try to get a feel for the "look" of the game first--and then I take it from there.