Planet HalfLife had een interview met de band 1958, de groep die zogezegd de muziek voor HalfLife 2 maakt. Hier een kort stukje uit het interview...Why did you decide to do the music for Half-Life II?

When they heard some of the 1958 loop-based music, we all felt it was a marriage made in hell. What did you think of the game?

Its whacked. Why did you decide to do this with your side-project, 1958, instead of with Motley Crue?

The [loop-based] music is more fitting. Did you write original music for the game, or are these songs that will appear on 1958's album?

Both. Some of the more warped 1958 tunes will appear in the game, and we'll also do some just for the game. If your two bands played Half-Life against each other, who would win?

Crue woud kill 1958.