Nee, het gaat niet over gamen met Moekoemba in Zambia. The Third World wordt een gigantische multiplayer game van XYZ. Het spel zal zich in de ruimte afspelen (space the final frontier) en elke speler zal zijn eigen doelen hebben. Zo ben je niet afhankelijk van anderen en probeert XYZ de echte wereld na te bootsen.

Je zal je eigen Space-mail en Space-ICQ hebben

Creating on-line games was always connected to one big problem - what happens to our characters whilst we're off-line? This has been solved by letting you rent rooms as safe as the stations themselves. The other big issue is - how to protect newbies from experienced veterans? Inter-player communication will be one of the basics of the game and will run through Space-mail and Space-ICQ, which will enable acquaintances to easily arrange meetings in spaceports. Most of the coding business has been completed. The engine is finished. Open beta-testing should commence in a couple of months, which should determine options that will stay in the final version of the game and the initial plot. The staff plans to run the beta phase for at least four months in order to double check everything and produce a complete quality product. All this should take place at the beginning of the next year and the final release is scheduled for Q1 2001. The first space station interior shots should be published in about two weeks and more features which should make 3rd World one of the biggest hits will be published a couple of days before ECTS, giving us a great opportunity to write another article on the topic.

"Welcome to the real world" Wie loopt er dadelijk ook in de Derde Wereld rond.