3DActionplanet heeft een feature geschreven met hints waar je op moet letten als je een multiplayergame speelt. De feature gaat in op de gebruikelijke zaken zoals voorspelbaarheid, camping (of "tactisch stilstaan), power-ups en wapengebruik.Predictability

Following a set path through a level has traditionally been regarded as a good technique. Usually, this predefined route will lead you past much-needed ammunition, armor, and power-ups, and give a certain structure to the game, rather than a mindless romp through the level, in which you gather and shoot whatever happens to appear. However, keeping a predictable pattern of movement will eventually have ill effects. Regular opponents will soon pick up on the path, and when opponents can predict when and where you will appear, expect deaths to begin outnumbering kills. It is best to have two or three routes through a level (sometimes moving through them in reverse). That way, opponents will be left guessing, and you can still have the advantages of a set path.

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