Gamers wisten het allang, maar cyberatlen zijn ook atleten. Gamen is ook een sport, Top Sport zelfs. De mensen bij Gamersorb zijn er zo vol van dat ze maar een artikel in elkaar hebben gedraaid. Conclusie: in 2000-zoveel kunnen we gaan UTen/Q3en op de Olympische Spelen, ik ga weer verder met oefenen...The fact that in the majority of multiplayer games, excluding LAN parties, that the players cannot actually see their "real "opponents or team mates does not mean that it is not a sport. As the multiplayer gaming revolution continues to expand we find that players are using live communications via a mic and programs such as Resounding's Roger Wilco to communicate with each other during games, even before live comms players could communicate using text or "binds"... The use of voice communications has been taken onboard by game developers such as the guys over at Valve Software - their upcoming title, Team Fortress 2 will be featuring built in voice comms to allow for better team work within the game! As with all things new, many of us are afraid to endorse it. Online, multiplayer gaming is certainly a relatively new concept to many people but as people get more used to the idea of using the internet and playing games on we will see a change in their attitudes. Multiplayer Gaming IS a sport, it will simply take some time for the sporting community to accept it as one.Klaar met je brinta ?, al meer dan 20 mensen gefragd, dan kan je je op maken voor de toekomst