Microsoft heeft aangekondigd 250 miljoen dollar (500 mil gulden) in de X-Box te steken. CTW News is reporting that Microsoft is to flex its financial muscles in style for the autumn 2001 launch of its X-Box games console, with a massive $250 million earmarked for the marketing campaign.

The Seattle-based giant refused to confirm or deny the figure, except to say it would be "above the figure of our competitors." Microsoft are also wooing publishers with promises of competitive licensing/royalty fees, with typical figures likely to be in the $3 region, although this is likely to vary in a similar fashion to Sony's recent royalty restructuring. Restriction on SKUs are also to be relaxed, giving developers a broad development brief. Het is toch opvallend dat Microsoft denkt zomaar in de console markt binnen te dringen op alleen hardware en naam (als software bedrijf)