DailyRadar dropte vandaag een achttal filmpjes online van onder meer Alice, Hellboy en Battle Isle: The Andosia War. Ook ontvingen ze het filmpje van Shadowbane wat al eerder vandaag gepost is, alleen deze versie heeft een groter formaat dan de vorige: 25 mb.Alice:

Alice, American McGee's first named title, has us hopeful about that lad's future. Alice as a whole isn't a perfect game, but many individual elements of the title are quite simply amazing, especially the level design. No one will walk away from the game without admiration for what they've seen. The music is also fantastic, pulling the player right into this twisted version of Wonderland; the mood created is creepy, complementing the level design. We couldn't imagine a better visualization of Wonderland. The game falls down, however, in the story and the gameplay. The story just isn't that compelling, character development is fairly shallow and the story doesn't pull the player forward as much as the level design. The gameplay is fairly basic: It's a stripped-down shooter with a few puzzles tossed in for good measure, but nothing really challenges the player. We've no doubt that some players are really going to love this game. It's a clearly worth playing for the visuals alone, and while it does nothing particularly wrong, a missing fun factor keeps it from Direct Hit status. Alle titels: Shadowbane; Alice; Hellboy; Luna; Space Haste; War Tom; Rugby 2001 en Battle Isle: The Andosia War. De grote van de filmpjes wordt helaas niet vermeld en zul je zelf dus even uit moeten vinden.

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