Gamespot heeft een gesprekje gehad met Michael Waite, de producer van Motor City Online. In het gesprek gaan ze in over verschillende onderdelen van het spel, te weten de economie in het spel, de personages die spelers kunnen maken en races die je kan rijden in het spel.GameSpot: What's involved in creating a persona in Motor City Online? Will players be able to be instantly behind the wheel of a car after starting up the game for the first time?

Michael Waite: We tried to make Motor City Online very accessible to users. As players enter the world of Motor City, they begin by picking a shard and creating a unique persona. To help introduce the player, they are initially pointed toward the newbie tracks on EZ Street, which can only be accessed by level-one and level-two players. Similar to all of the tracks in the arcade action [mode], the newbie tracks will contain no economy or car ownership...just choose a track and a car and race! Hard-core gamers, of course, can bypass this easier area and go straight to the deeper sim world gameplay with full economy and car construction.

Je kan naast het interview kan je ook nog een filmpje downloaden van Motor City Online of een uitgebreide collectie screenshots bekijken bij Gamespot.