Weer een stukkie over de nieuwe Need for Speed: Motor City, deze keer uit een mini preview van 3D Gaming. En natuurlijk wat piccies! Using an updated version of the Need For Speed: High Stakes engine that sports better graphics and an improved damage model, Motor City is aiming to get every car enthusiast into the game. Dozens of officially licensed muscle cars from the 50's through the 70's should be included in the game, as both Ford and General Motors have signed up, and a rumored third American car manufacturer is also committing to the game. But the realism doesn't stop there. Each car will start from a junkyard, and can be built up by the player with officially licensed car parts. The player will even be able to customize the paintjobs on their cars to their liking. (No word on whether EA will sit back and allow people to scrawl profanities all over their car…. I guess I'll find out when I do it.)