Alhoewel Motocross Madness zoals jullie allemaal weten een spel was/is van Microsoft kon het mijn interesse zeker wekken. Na dit stukje over Motocross Madness 2 gelezen te hebben, ben ik zeer benieuwd! (Flamen mag )How do you improve on an experience that's already groin-crunchingly superb? Add more stuff, of course.That is precisely the approach that Motocross Madness 2 seems to be taking. First you add some little details—the outdoor environments will be more densely populated with objects such as trees, bushes, and brush—anything that might be potentially hazardous to your health. Some of the courses will have theme settings (race in a trailer park, anyone?), and terrain conditions such as water and ice will now affect handling. Next you add some beefier stuff, such as an instant replay feature and a new race type. The Enduro event will be a "point A to point B" rush across varied terrain. "Varied" includes things such as densely packed trees, beer coolers, live chickens, and highway traffic. What was the last racing game you played that features live chickens?Moeten we ook nog wachten tot de lente van het jaar 2 om kippetjes te ontwijken ;-)