DailyRadar heeft de Wolfenstein remake Mortyr eens aan de tand gevoeld en constanteren dat hoewel het leuk blijft om Nazi's af te knallen, Mortyr behalve mooiere plaatjes niks nieuws biedt ten opzichte van Wolfenstein:We have really mixed emotions about Mortyr. On one hand, shooting Nazis is fun. On the other hand, most of this game isn't. Upon first seeing Mortyr, we immediately went, "Cool! A true 3D update of Wolfenstein3D!" Upon playing the game, we discovered that, alas, it is nothing more than an update of Wolfenstein3D, with gameplay remarkably similar to that of the original eight-year-old game. See the Nazis, shoot the Nazis; need a key, find a key. Mortyr's real saving grace is the amazing 3D engine that Mirage, the Polish developer, has created. But that's not enough to make this a captivating game.