Wow, de opvolger van Arena en Daggerfall ziet er ERG goed uit! IGN heeft een paar screens online gezet die de RPG fans zeker zullen laten kwijlen.Morrowind is the third episode in the highly acclaimed The Elder Scrolls series, following Arena and Daggerfall. Like its predecessors, it seeks to create an expansive environment that is a real as possible. Within the gameworld of Tamriel, the goal is to forge an open-ended experience that is akin to pen and paper games, with a central storyline that players can follow if they wish, but also with the ability to break away and wander at any time, or even to ignore it completely. According to developer and publisher Bethesda Software, Morrowind is still some time away, with a projected release date in the latter part of next year. However, information and visuals have recently started to become available about its progress, and the anticipation level among series fans is rising rapidly. To give you an idea as to why, we are pleased to offer this new Morrowind Media Gallery with the first views on the web of some great-looking screenshots and concept art. Damn boy, that looks very tasty!! Gelukkig heeft IGN meer screens online.