Hasbro Interactive heeft Avault wat info en screenshots van Monopoly Tycoon gestuurd. In het spel speel je een makelaar met als doel alles te beheren. Het is volledig 3D is wordt pas in oktober 2000 verwacht.Hasbro Interactive sent the Adrenaline Vault the first screenshots of Deep Red's real estate empire builder. In the October 2000 release for the PC, gamers will create and run a real estate empire, and attempt to become the first to "own it all." People will build a real estate portfolio in a three-dimensional environment. A city of the board game's properties will spring to three-dimensional interactive life as gamers purchase real estate, construct buildings, and watch their budding metropolis grow. Users start off with nothing but a dream and a small inheritance, and set out to build an empire. People decide what and where to build, draw up deals, and force competitors into financial ruin. Interaction with numerous characters enables users to read their thoughts to help formulate strategies. The empire will come to life through graphics and animation as the game moves in real-time from the 1930s to the millennium. Online support will also be included, allowing gamers to wheel and deal with three other people on the MSN Gaming Zone.