De mensen van Gamespy hebben een chat gehouden met Michael Stemmle and Sean Clark van het Monkey Island 4 team. Een "Must-Read" voor alle Monkey Island fans.F: In what way (except the 3D enverioment) will EMI be different from the other games in the series?

M_S: One thing Guybrush thinks he knows how to speak to women now....

M_S: Which he doesn't!

M_S: For another, we have big new villain to go along with LeChuck!

F: How many characters from previous games can we expect to see again?

S_C: There are almost a dozen recurring characters from previous games, and added to that we have about 50 new characters that you can meet

Hehe, melige personen . Maar dat moet ook wel om een spel als Monkey Island te maken!