Meldde ik eergisteren nog dat het bijna zeker was dat Monkey Island 4 komt. Tenminste, dat meld de Engelse PC Zone. Tim Schafer (LucasArts) zegt ook dat we MI4 eind 2000/begin 2001 kunnen verwachten en dat MI4 helemaal 3D wordt, net zoals Grim Fandango. Let's the waiting begin!Tim Schafer had told them that they were just finalising the Monkey 4 script and would be out some time between 2000 and 2001. Also, it said that it would be in 3D รก la Grim Fandango. We'll have a full transcript of the news bit for you later on. PC Zone is the first large and respected magazine to report on Monkey Island 4.Let the waiting begin!