De Italiaanse games site heeft een interview gehad met LucasArts, die nu druk bezig zijn met de 4e Monkey Island: Escape from Monkey Island. Many fans are not so confident with the choice of a 3D engine for a game that had a 'cartoonish' drawing style as it's main point. I mean, certainly the characters can be much more detailed with a 2D engines, correct?

EMI Team: There are trade-offs with just about any decision, particularly with ones that involve both the visual look and the technology of the game.

There are some really nice things you can do with 2D characters, especially cartoony effects, that are harder to do in 3D. It's less about detail, and more about motion and personality. On the other hand, 3D allows us smoother animations and the ability to put the camera wherever we want. For instance, if we show Guybrush entering a room looking down from the ceiling, we can use the same model and animations -- because he's 3D. This saves us tons of animation time, and gives us

more creative control. So, we feel have a good balance between the benefits of 2D and 3D, it just happens to be in 3D. It helps that our art team has done an outstanding job redefining the style of Monkey Island in 3D, without giving up much of what we saw in the earlier games.

Gelukkig zijn ze zo aardig geweest het niet te vertalen naar het Italiaans, zodat we Altavista's Babelfish niet hoeven te gebruiken .