Nadat er al lange tijd geruchten waren dat Lucas Arts bezig was met een nieuwe Monkey Island, is het nu officieel.

GameSpot wist vandaag het 1e screenshot te publiceren met wat info over dit veel verwachte spel.Well Rounded, a daily entertainment-news site, is reporting that LucasArts will unveil a fourth Monkey Island game at this year's E3 in Los Angeles. Even though rumors about a proposed Monkey Island 4 have been floating around the Web for quite some time, this news comes as a surprise considering the low sales yielded by the company's last adventure game, Grim Fandango. We contacted LucasArts officials about this rumor earlier this afternoon, and company officials confirmed the rumor - LucasArts will indeed be showing off Monkey Island 4 (tentative name) at E3. Little is known about Monkey Island 4 at this point, but LucasArts will build on the technology it showcased in Grim Fandango and is designing the game using a full 3D engine, and not a combination of prerendered 2D backgrounds and 3D models. Also expect everyone's favorite villain, the pirate LeChuck, to make a classic return in this rumored game.

Enige wat ik me afvraag is, waarom toch overgaan op 3d? Als Grim Fandango zo erg tegen viel, waarom dan niet terug naar 2d? Er is hierover een discussie gaande op GoG