Zelfs mods hebben nu hun eigen beurzen gekregen. Niet verwonderlijk ook gezien het aandeel dat MODs hebben in de huidige gamingindustrie. Een van de bekendste beurzen is toch wel de MODExpo in San Fransisco, georganiseerd door Sierra en Valve.

Planet HalfLife schreef er een special overLike any nightclub, the lights were low and the music was loud. Arrayed along one wall of the club were about eight computers, each running one of the six mods being showcased that night. As various attendees began wandering in, each mod team eagerly explained what made their particular mods so great to everyone who stopped to take a look. After casually browsing the goods and listening to a few of the team members talk, the mod expo reminded me of a kind of mini-E3 without the booth babes or the siezure-inducing light show, with each team publicizing their product as if they were professional development teams. And by the looks of the mods, that description isn't far off.

While noticing a few prominent attendees like Gooseman -- the mind behind Counter-strike -- and Valve Software team members Robin Walker, Erik Johnson, and Doug Lombardi wandering the crowd and answering questions, I took a look at the mods and spoke with the team members, seeing some familiar and not-so-familiar mods on the Half-Life scene. Vreemd genoeg geen UT-MODS . Toch wel zonde dat de MODs van andere engines zo weinig aandacht krijgen. Quake3 en UT zijn toch een beetje de ondergeschoven kindjes geworden, terwijl deze andere games betere engines hebben.