Versie2 van de singleplayer modification Smash Quake3 voor Q3A is vandaag online gekomen. De mod is gebaseerd op een game uit de arcade hallen genaamd SmashTV.The game used two joysticks: one for movement and one for shooting. The player would move about the room-based levels mowing down the baddies whilst accumulating silver and gold bars, various prizes, and a multitude of other powerups. The goal was to amass as much money (via the stuff the player picked up) as possible without being killed. The player progressed through the ever increasingly more difficult levels one at a time, all the while a cheering crowd watched the carnage. The game was fairly gory for its time -- which is a good thing!

Iets om er nog wel even bij te zeggen is dat het spel niet zal werken met een hogere versie dan 1.17 van Q3A zelf. Je zult dus even naar de downloadpagina van Smash Q3 moeten gaan om versie 1.17 en de SmashQ3 files neer te halen.