Dell vond het eens nodig om lanparties iets te vergemakkelijken, nl met een leuk kaartje:Dell is currently shipping 11Mbps-capable wireless LAN cards, using the IEEE 802.11 standard, in PC Card format for laptops and PCI format for desktops. They demonstrated their technology for us using tweaked Dell Inspiron laptops (more on those later), and we have to say, the prospect of mobile wireless LAN play is extremely attractive. [...]The Dell solution happens to be particularly user friendly. It includes a CD with a 15-minute video explaining how to set up a wireless network. A Dell representative we spoke with claimed that, of the 7000 or so cards that were shipped, Dell received a grand total of seven technical support calls. That is an amazingly low number of tech calls. The cards currently work on a peer to peer basis, with 10-15 machines working at once. Eventually, Dell will ship a hub station, letting users set up a DHCP network server and TCP/IP gateway without having to use one machine as a hub. When we tested the cards, we used a peer to peer network with one machine providing DHCP service and acting as a host for...Unreal Tournament!

Dell ook aan het uitbreiden naar de gaming scene?