Online gaming moet nog echt doorbreken en het "schijnt" dat we dadelijk allemaal overstappen op Gamen via de "telefoon" of iets anders mobiel.

Wow een Ericsson Lanparty........brrr de rillingen lopen al over me rug Online: Konami Founder and President Kagemasa Kozuki has predicted that 50 percent of the game's market revenues could be generated through portable formats, with the mobile phone leading the way. Speaking to trade paper MCV, he explained, "In the past there was just one business field, with users playing through a TV. In the future there will be two new fields just as important. One is online gaming and the other is mobile phone gaming." He continued, "Mobile phones could account for as much as half of the game industry as a whole. The reason is to do with people's free time. The TV ties users to the home." Kozuki and Konami have huge plans for Xbox and the company is currently working on several titles for the console. Kozuki underlined that Konami will be a leading supporter from day one." Thanks to MCV. "Mobile Phone Gaming" een 14" is al klein, laat staan die beeld-postzegel die op je telefoon zit. Nieuws waar Ben blij mee zal zijn