Een onbekende developer 'Mythic team' is alweer een tijdje bezig aan hun eerste MMORG met de naam 'Dark Age of Camelot'. Zoals onze historie-freaks wel zullen weten 'leefde' Camelot tijdens de periode van koning Arthur en speelde hier zich de meest ongeloofelijke verhalen af..zoals het zwaard van Excalibur.

Mooie setting om een game over te maken dachten ze bij 'Mythic' en zo ontstond deze titel die nu in de 2de betatest is.

RPGvault nam een kijkje en bracht verslag uit.As noted last month, only part of the gameworld is currently available, that being within the Realm of Albion, home of the Britons. There is a variety of terrain types such as plains, rolling hills, farmland, forest and swamps that one would expect to find in temperate areas. Greater variety will no doubt be available when the other Realms are opened up; the Norse Realm of Midgard seems likely to be barren and icy while the Celtic Realm of Hibernia is expected to be lush and verdant. Although final conclusions cannot be made based only on the portion of Albion that we have seen so far, it would seem fair to expect that the world of Dark Age of Camelot will be very competitive in terms of the variety and quality of its graphics. There's also reason for optimism about how the player characters, NPCs and monsters will look, although in all three cases, the variety is still rather limited. Ziet er aardig uit, maar vanwege de Beta-NDA is er helaas nog niet zoveel meer over de game bekend.