De piloten van Dogfighter hebben een review geschreven over Mig Alley en hem beloond met een 8:As for multiplay, forget about it for now -- I very disappointed to learn that MiG Alley really isn't ready for multiplay yet. In most cases either I couldn't connect or the connection was so bad that it was like playing on one's own anyway. However, Rowan is working on the problem even as you read this review and once it is successfully implemented this sim will find its way and remain on the top of the sim heap for some time to come. Even with some areas that could have been much improved, MiG Alley was an extreme joy to fly. It is very evident that the crew at Rowan did their homework and applied that knowledge to this in depth sim. It has a detailed physics model, good graphics, variable difficulty settings and a comprehensive campaign setting so I would recommend this sim to first time flight simmers and old veteran simmers alike. Everyone who is a flight sim fan can gain from the fun and knowledge they will experience with MiG Alley.