Bij 3D files hebben ze een patch voor het vliegspel Mig Alley.

Dit fixt ie allemaal:Patch Details: Graphics Target Lock stutter fixed. Graphics Cards TnT+VooDoo2 graphics selection problem fixed. If you had two D3D capable cards in your machine then it was possible to get a D3D error for an illegal mode. For example this occurred when you selected 1024x768 for a TnT with a single VooDoo2. Flight F51 Speed Indicator fixed, it is now accurate up to about 500 Knots. Multiplayer Match and Team play Internet connections more stable and smooth. Quick missions are improved but not perfect. The warping bug that was very noticeable on dial-up connections has been removed. Many initialisation problems have been fixed by making the comms packages smaller. Controls Joysticks can now use the 'Z' Axis as a rudder [this was previously limited to throttles]. Notes If you update your graphics hardware with MA installed you must delete the savegamesettings.mig file out of the installed directory. Don't use EndItAll.exe or a similar program that shuts down tasks if multiplayer games crash [particularly the guests] when entering the 3D. For the 'Auto Frame Rate' preference, there is an extra option named "fast". Use this option on fast machines if you suffer from "Ground Stutter". General Bug Fixes Crack and Burn bug fixed. Crash when selecting trees as targets fixed. Crash when pressing tab/fire/pause on take-off fixed. Too many radio messages crash fixed. Music / audio thread crash fixed. Photo bug which seems to be generated from DX7 fixed. Fixed attacking bug in comms. Fixed a memory leak in the 3D. Fixed bad fuel reporting.