Cijfers zeggen in mijn ogen niks. Vaak krijgen bekende titels altijd wel goede cijfers. Maar als je Midtown Madness 2 een 6 geeft en dat ook nog weet te onderbouwen, dan is er dus iets mis met het spel...Apart from the new Crash Course training mode, however, the basic drill remains curiously stagnant. Where, for instance, are the

incentives? Why does the game focus solely on single, isolated races? What happened to the concept of championship modes and cumulative results? What about an upgrade or repair shop? Instead, Angel opts to reward good driving with new paint jobs; user-definable

control over such seemingly mundane settings as environmental conditions and traffic density; and a few unlocked cars--several of which are inferior to those we already have at our disposal. Frankly, that's just not enough

If you're in it for the unbridled joy of exploring virtual replicas of two of our planet's finest cities, the game delivers. If, however, you want to move beyond the limitations of the original, or are simply interested in an action driving game that will remain compelling for months to come, Midtown Madness 2 will most likely not shift your gears.

The good: Two wonderful new cities, ready to be explored; several new vehicles; wide assortment of racing modes; strong multiplayer component; convincing smoke effects; totally thrilling San Francisco hills. The bad: No championship mode or continuity; appallingly uninspiring incentives; cityscapes not used to their full capabilities; "arcade-ish" physics; inconsistent crash detection; weak damage modeling; boxy peripheral vehicles; idiotic AI; look and feel of a two-year-old game. Laat Bill het maar niet horen