Op Pc.ign hebben ze een preview gedaan van Angel Studio's City Racer.

Er zitten 2 nieuwe steden en bijna 2x zoveel auto's in dit deel. Hier is een stukje uit de preview:I can't tell you the amount of time that we spent peeling through the streets of Chicago in Midtown Madness playing Cops and Robbers, but I can tell that it was one of the most fun experiences we've had in a non-shooter multiplay game ever. Quake may have the world by its throat, but there are a few kids in the underground that have learned just how great suicidal driving in a major metropolis can really be. Those people are now becoming bus drivers and test pilots, while others are sitting in anticipation of Midtown Madness 2, which will bring two new cities and a showroom of new cars to PC screens this fall. Angel Studios is still in control of the sequel, and are taking two steps instead of one with the creation of a slew of new features and options. First off, you can expect all the same single player action of the original, but this time around the team has asserted that the sequel definitely has a multiplayer focus this time around. Anyone who had problems with odd lags and glitches can rest easy that smoothing out the multiplayer experience is just the first of many tasks that the team will be tackling.

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