3DRacing.net heeft een interview gehouden met Jay Panek, de producer van Midtown Madness 2.3DRacing.net: What vehicles can we expect to see in this sequel? Jay Panek: We're going to have vehicles ranging in size from the Mini Cooper to a Freightliner Fire Truck. We'll also have some new performance vehicles like the Audio TT and Astin Martin DB7 and some specialty vehicles like a double decker bus and London cab. 3DRacing.net: What role will the cops play in the game? Will they still be focused mainly on destroying your vehicle? What ways can they stop you? Jay Panek: The main goal of the cops is to put an end to your reckless driving spree. They will do this by slamming into your vehicle from all sides, pushing you vehicle to the side of the road (and eventually into a building) and blocking your path (power slide directly in front of you at 100MPH!). Also, the cops will now pursue the opponents as well. We wanted to capture the feeling of looking in your rear view mirror and wondering if those lights were for you.