Dit moet een zwarte dag zijn voor de adventure freaks. Er is namelijk weer iemand weg bij LucasArts: Michael Land. Misschien kennen jullie hem niet, maar hij is de man die de muziek schreef voor:

[bullet]Monkey Island 1,2,3,4

[bullet]Day of the Tentacle

[bullet]Indiana Jones serie

[bullet]Sam an Max

kortom: dit is een groot gemis. Het is te hopen dat hij de muziek voor 'Escape from Monkey Island' al af had voor hij vertrok.

Reply van zijn mailadres:

[bullet]Michael Land is no longer with LucasArts. However should you need to reach him, his new e-mail address is *****@*********.***.

Michael over Monkey Island:

[bullet]I've always been very fond of the music for the Monkey Island series. This project was a great opportunity to revisit that familiar terrain, but with a whole new perspective. The thing that was different this time around was that this was an all digital score, so I could produce the music without having to sqeeze it through an FM synth. That opened up all kinds of doors in terms of live players. Hans Christian Reumschussel, engineer and co-producer, and I came up with an all-star cast of players to bring in, including drums, guitar, steel drums, marimba, accordion, woodwinds, and a room full of percussion (I played bass, and was the weakest player in the bunch). Hearing how much these great players added to the score was a real pleasure, and Hans' great, spacious mixes put the finishing touch on it.E-mail adres is weggelaten om mailbombs te voorkomen. Voor meer informatie over Monkey Island kijk je in de Gamer.nl Monkey Island Round-Up.