3DGN heeft een quicky geschreven van de PC versie van Metal Gear Solid. MGS was 1 van de redenen om een PSX aan te schaffen, en dat is nu dus ook al verleden tijd. Ook op de PC kunnen we nu sneaken, sluipen, moorden en terroristen bestrijden in 1 game.Here is the deal, for real this time: You are sent to stop a terrorist faction from destroying the world with their horrible new weapon - Metal Gear Rex. Rex is a beastly thing that walks on two legs, looks like Godzilla and can launch nuclear weapons with a PAL key. Snake has to get his grubby mitts on one of these PAL keys and make the wrong things right. Sounds like a straight forward military mission, right? Wrong, along the way Snake finds out that his brother is in charge of this terrorist cell and has a bad haircut that would make any redneck proud. Also, there just might be a ghost creeping about the complex, or a Marilyn Manson imitator that has learned how to levitate. Sound confusing? It isn't, it is seamless and fun when you get into it. There is a heap of Easter eggs to find in this game and a bunch of cut-scenes that will make you stand up and cheer. Just make sure no one sees you. Ik ben, en met mij zeer velen, benieuwd wat dit gaat worden, ik heb er in ieder geval vertrouwen in.