Shiny heeft een patch voor Messiah uitgebracht. Het is wel de US versie dus niet de UK versie. Dit maakt je spel v. 01. What it fixes: Added polygon strips enable/disable to the video options menu, it was causing a compatibility issue with some geForce, Rage Pro familiy and RAGE Mobility chipsets. Enable it if possible for better performance (default is off) CD SWAPPING Added a dialog box before Messiah goes fullscreen to allow the player to swap CD and prevent any autoplaying applications from launching. The previous message was too small and asked for the audio CD and not CD2. ELSA Compatible mode added to video menu (fixes "partially invisible" chararacter bugs) Mip mapping options added to video menu (fixes voodooIII/Banshee). Defualt is set to off. -p command line switch added to disable in game Gamma correction (for users who would like to use Windows Gamma settings) SAFEMODE batch files added for troubleshooting Fixed Various issues with F5 message. Fixed problems with bots Fixed problem with weapon scan room Fixed problem with dance contest not recognizing button presses. Fixed problem with CD Music turning back on from save games. Fixed various minor gameplay issues.