Epic Games heeft een verrassing in petto voor Unreal Tournament 2004 fans. Dinsdag 13 december zal namelijk het UT2004 Mega Pack verschijnen. Deze goedgevulde update bevat de laatste patch en negen nieuwe Deathmatch, Assault, en CTF maps. De patch bevat ook alle content uit het eerste (Editor's Choice Edition) bonus pack voor de veelgeprezen shooter. AS-BP2-Acatana: Intense space fighting and on-foot combat combine in this recreation of the historic Skaarj invasion of the Acatana asteroid belt.

AS-BP2-JumpShip: Be part of the elite team that infiltrated and hijacked the first warp capable Jumpship.

AS-BP2-Outback: City slickers just took over the outback's top brewery - get over there pronto and stop the production of their tasteless Zero Beer before it takes over Oz!

AS-BP2-SubRosa: Fight your way into a Liandri research facility and steal the original plans for the Redeemer.

AS-BP2-Thrust: A recreation of the infamous destruction of the Saturn IX rocket where a team of rebel fighters launched it unguided and half fueled into hostile waters.

CTF-BP2-Concentrate: Tall spires tower over this Capture the Flag battle set on a derelict outpost deep in the Elorean Seas.

CTF-BP2-Pistola: This twin complex of concrete and metal combines the beauty of nature with the harsh lines of industrial architecture to create a fierce battle arena.

DM-BP2-Calandras: The courtyards of Calandras were once beautiful and welcoming. While the Temple's interiors have been preserved, a new less-inviting use has been found for the exteriors.

DM-BP2-GoopGod: For centuries the Nali monks managed to keep this sacred burial ground hidden until Liandri satellites discovered the location during a routine satellite sweep. The area was mined, and what remained was converted into a tournament arena, corpses and all.