Duke Nukem Forever, eh wat? Je weet wel, die revolutionaire first person shooter van 3D Realms waar men in de vorige eeuw al mee begonnen is. Zijn ze daar nog steeds mee bezig? Ja. Maar ze hebben niets tijdens de E3 laten zien? 3D Realms doet niet aan hypen of wat dat betreft aan het snel afronden van het project. Toch komen we stapje voor stapje dichter bij de afronding van Duke Nukem Forever. George Broussard heeft zelfs weer wat info over "de langst in ontwikkeling zijnde game ooit" verstrekt. Duke Nukem Forever bevat zo'n 15 tegenstanders, hoewel men er nog aan meer werkt. Ook zijn er verschillende eindbazen en is er een Battlelord aanwezig. Het spel is trouwens verdeeld in levels en niet in episodes. Can you tell us what Video Card you guys are currently running it on?

9800 Pro's, some 6800GT's and some 6800 Ultra's.

Have you completed at least 70% of the models?

This is hard to say, as a model can be anything from a prop (like a chair, microwave, etc) to the tons and tons of models that go into the levels as architecture to flesh out a level.

A ton is done. We have hundreds of props that you can place in the world, and the artists just continue to pump stuff out.

Are a majority of your models textured?

We complete them as they go in, so the ones that are done, are in.

Have all the weapons been programed in and are usable in-game right now? Yes. In, with animations, sound pass, and final textures. We'll probably add a couple more as we go, and there are some whacky ideas we want to explore, but all the base guns are in and we could ship with what we have.Coming "When it's done" from 3D Realms for the PC.