En alweer een harde klap voor 3dfx, er is een erg tekort aan componenten en daarom loopt de produktie erg achter. Oftewel, bye bye 3dfx, we'll miss you.The graphic chip and board maker today warned that its second quarter earnings would fall short of analyst expectations, due to a shortage of components. The company said it "had not received a substantial portion of certain components a supplier had committed to provide." "This shortfall is extremely frustrating, as the company has been on course for returning to operating profitability," said President and Chief Executive Officer Alex Leupp. 3dfx shares have been taking a beating in recent months, as delays for the Voodoo5 card and stiff competition from nVidia have weakened its position. Of zijn er echt mensen die 1400 gulden willen ophoesten voor een glide-GeForce?