Zoals bekend zal Heat.net overgaan in SegaNet, CNET wist nog gedetailleerdere informatie op de kop te tikken.Sega on Thursday announced the launch of SegaNet, its online console and PC gaming network and ISP. SegaNet is attempting to become an online destination and gamers' community, and is aiming to provide the best in online chat, 3D multiplayer gaming, exclusive contests, codes, content and PC online game servers.

In August, Sega.com invited gamers to participate in the beta phase of development. Built from the ground up, SegaNet aims to deliver consistent game play and low latency over analog phone lines. At launch, SegaNet features online versions of top-ranked games, including NFL 2K1 on the Sega Dreamcast and more than a dozen PC online game servers. More Dreamcast and PC games will be added throughout the remainder of the year, with approximately two dozen slated to be active by the end of 2000.

SegaNet offers gamers 3D multiplayer games, chat, community, cheat codes, tournaments and content. With a membership-based model beginning at $21.95 a month, SegaNet is also an ISP service for Sega Dreamcast and PC users. Additionally, SegaNet will provide gamers with content on complementary areas of interest, including music, sports and e-commerce.

Seganet wordt dus het gaming platform voor de DreamCasters maar ook voor PC gamers. Ik vind persoonlijk het bedrag van ongeveer $22 per maand een beetje veel geld, daar de meeste mensen al een ISP hebben. Volgens mij zal SegaNet dan ook alleen de moeite waard zijn voor de DreamCasters onder ons die nog nooit van online gaming op de pc hebben gehoord.

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