Ondanks de kleine mislukking van patch 1.30 en het nog niet uitkomen van patch 1.31 heeft EA vandaag toch wat informatie op het internet gezet over BF1942 1.31.

Met een release date "sooner than you think" is de patch vooral bedoeld om cheaters het leven lastiger te maken. De irritante wall hacks worden gefixt en ook de nodige crashen worden in de toekomst voorkomen. In this weeks update we're going to talk about some fixes we're working on for the upcoming 1.31 patch. While we don't have a release date for this yet, we do know what we're focusing on. Naturally, with all updates of this nature, none of these are set in stone and could change by the time the patch is released. So without further adieu, here's what we're working on for 1.31

- Wall Hacking

- Parachuting Into Objects

- Single Player and Co-Op Crashes

- Stand Alone Server Error

- Text display on-screen time

Keep in mind, we're aware of the other issues reported by our troops in the field and are working to resolve those in another upcoming patch. This patch will be coming sooner than you think!

Met dank aan Dop voor het melden van dit nieuws.