Iedereen zit op Duke Nuke 'em 4 te wachten, en het enige wat ze kunnen doen is meer titels aankondigen Het plan is nu om veel meer episodes uit te brengen, zodat het spel veel meer variateit heeft in de vorm van levels, wapens etc. Natuurlijk kan dit nooit kwaad, tenzij ze er een heftig prijskaartje aan gaan hangen. De developers zijn er in ieder geval erg enthousiast over:"I can't wait to bust into episodic gaming," said Duke Nukem, star of the upcoming WEB Corp. game series, who was lifting weights and polishing firearms in preparation for his debut. "Before, I was restricted to kicking ass every once in a blue moon. Now that I'm working with WEB Corp., the sky's the limit – I'll be taking on new challenges all the time."

"I am very excited to work with Duke again – this time for our episodic line-up," said Jim Perkins, President and CEO of WEB Corp. "He's got fans around the world who are hungry for additional challenge, more adventure, and a constant stream of aliens for Duke to blast out of existence. As one of the original publishers of Duke Nukem, I feel strongly that the episodic gaming model is ideal for Duke. This allows us to offer more Duke to more gamers everywhere."

"The episodic gaming model is the next logical step for Duke," said Scott Miller, co-founder of 3D Realms. "We have an opportunity here to combine a successful license with ground-breaking new Internet distribution, resulting in an even better deal for consumers – more game play, less cost, and an ongoing Duke series."