VoodooExtreme lijkt een soort van Empire Earth screenshot marathon te houden. Na de reeks screenshots van 'the Atomic Age' eind vorige week hebben we er nu enkele uit de cavemen periode. En nog een reeks nieuwe screenshots worden verwacht later op de week.

One of the coolest aspects of Stainless Steel Studios' Empire Earth is that it starts in the pre-historic era (500,000 BC) and spans all the way to the Nano Age (2200 AD) and through all of these different epochs, players are able to command units and build structures based upon those unique timelines. For instance, in the pre-historic epoch, you have cave men and straw huts, while in the NanoTech age - mechs and steel bases are the norm. Since we can't post a review until the game ships in a couple weeks, we're going to be posting some shots from each of the epochs to give you a little taste of what it's like. First up, we have a battle between two civilizations starting in the pre-historic era to the Stone Age. As you can see from the pics, the game isn't all reality based, as the prophets are able to cast spells to cause earthquakes, summon volcanic erruptions and all sorts of other cool stuff. Stay tuned later this week for more…Hoe meer ik van Empire Earth zie hoe meer ik er spijt van begin te hebben dat ik nooit de vorige Age of Empire games gespeeld heb.