George Broussard van 3DRealms is weer aardig voor ons! Er kwamen op de Shugashack zo ontzettend veel reacties op een interview wat daar pas met de man stond, dat hij het niet kon laten om weer een paar vraagjes te beantwoorden.Hieronder vind je nog wat pics om je lekker te maken en wat vraagjes. De rest vind je hier. [bullet] Shack: Why did u guys say the reason u switched to the Unreal engine is becuz u didn't want to have to do heavy modifications like y'all were doing with the q2 engine, and then shortly after saying that you guys immediatley started to do heavy modifications to the unreal engine? Was that a lie or did u guys just fuck up? Broussard: We just made a different set of changes. Unreal all in all had a better tech base than Quake 2 did. Period. Net code aside of course. But we still wanted to add things like skeletal animation, and better brush/world geometry manipulation that Unreal had. Most of our changes have been gameplay/game system based and not raw rendering tech. Although there have been some improvements there as well.

Unreal was a better choice for the game we wanted to make, but even that engine needed modifications for what we wanted to do.

[bullet] Shack: will duke4 EVER COME OUT? Broussard: Yes. [bullet] Shack: Will Duke4 be 3dfx's Bi@tch!? Broussard: Clearly the Unreal tech was based on Glide. That's a fact and not much can be done about it.