Voodoo Extreme heeft wat info over de engine die gebruikt gaat worden in de Buffy The Vampire Slayer game waarover Kaj hier en hier al berichtte. volgens VE wordt het een hardware only 3D engine die door The Collective zelf is ontwikkeld.O.K. folks, here's a Voodoo Extreme exclusive. Unlike our Diablo II beta news that was ganked by every other site on the 'net earlier this week, (you know who you are, forget about getting links here, buster!) we have the first word of the what engine the Buffy the Vampire Slayer game's going to be powered by. It seems The Collective have created their own hardware only 3-D engine (they're the folks behind the Unreal engined Deep Space Nine game) and Fox picked up the exclusive rights to this new tech. (Yup, they also own Monolith/ Lith 2.0) More details, soon!