Veel games zouden niets zijn zonder de nodige 'bad guys'. Ook Mechwarrior 4 niet en daarom kregen ze bij Gamespy het idee om een leuk artikel te schrijven over de karakters van deze game.

Wat in ieder geval direct opvalt is dat de personages een stuk beter zijn uitgewerkt dan in zijn voorganger. Nu is het alleen nog de vraag hoe deze achtergronden ook echt zijn verwerkt in de game.

Hieronder een stukje over de bad-girl "Major Vanda Castro"Major Vanda Castro was born in the slums of a backwater world overrun by the Clans, with no future to speak of, as far as anyone who knew her was concerned. She was conscripted into the infantry-like the majority of her generation-and came up the hard way, from a grunt soldier battling the Clan in the trenches, to commander of a House Steiner mech division.

Castro excelled in the military, quickly rising through the ranks. She relishes the discipline, through which she continually tests herself, and discovers and exceeds her limits. She's a good soldier and a good commander of soldiers, and she knows it.

If a superior orders a thing, it's Castro's duty to do it, not to question it. This, and a certain hardness acquired from a cruelly difficult childhood, is how she allows herself to turn her back on decency and embrace the tyranny of the regime. To survive, one must be strong, and that means someone else must be weak, and that someone else is never going to be Vanda Castro.

een hoop de game nog.