Op Gamespot is een interview te vinden met Jordan Weisman over MechWarrior 4. Het verschil met voorgaande delen ligt hem onder andere in de gameplay. Deze gaat nu meer vragen van het tactisch en strategisch vermogen van de speler dan van het snelle actiewerk. Hiervoor wordt een hele nieuwe engine gebouwd, die verschillende camera views bevat, zo kan je in de cockpit kijken, richting de voeten en nog een aantal views. Ook worden er wingmates en NPC's (Non playing characters) gebruikt in de game.GameSpot UK: What are the main differences from Mech 3?

Jordan Weisman:

We saw some stuff in Mech 3 that we really wanted to address. We also looked at MechWarrior 2 and reviewed what our goals were for this game and decided it was not to make a Mech-type game, it was to make a great action game set in the Battletech universe. Mech 3 partially fell into the same trap by trying to differentiate itself from its predecessors by layering more and more complication and sim elements and losing touch with the essence of what a Mech game should be - a great action game.

It's all about tension and how to use power and when. So we are trying to replace being a simple keyboard jockey with tactical sophistication and interaction with the environment. We wanted to create deep layered missions which really had some life - when you go over a hill we want you to see there's stuff going on, people farming, going about their business, that sort of thing.