Gamespy heeft dev diary #1 van het spel mechwarrior. Christopher Blohm, level designer voor MW4 hij gaat gezellig zichzelf interviewen. De dev diary is

hier te lezen.So here I am, deadlines roaring in like a herd of drunken wallabies, and I have been asked to write a bit about what we, and I, do on MechWarrior 4. Since there isn't an interviewer anywhere in sight, I guess I get to ask the questions myself.

Q: Name, rank, and serial number.

A:Name? Christopher Blohm. Rank? Level Designer. Serial Number? Not quite sure, the barcode gets branded on the back of the neck where it is darn hard to see.

Q: What can you tell us about designing levels for Mech 4.

A: I can tell you that this is one of the best jobs imaginable. We have a great group of devs and talented team of artists. The good majority of which come from FASA Interactive and before that Virtual World Entertainment. What does this mean for design? We are a veteran team with years of experience in Mechs. We have been making and playing with these toys for years now; the game design really benefits from all those years in a cockpit.

Q: Toys?

A: The terrain, the effects and especially the mechs are stunning. Dev gives us the tools to make these things come alive on the screen. We use a scripting language that gives us opportunity to be incredibly flexible in designing a mission. With these tools, time and imagination, we can make almost any sort of mission you would want to play, complete with in-game cinematics and intelligent foes that react to your actions.

Q: What kind of missions are you responsible for?

A: All sorts. There is a lot that goes into taking back your home world. I've kept it challenging for the player in a variety of ways and in a variety of places. They range from convoy escort, rescue personnel, smash and grab, to a good ol' down-home alley fight. I make you sweat in the desert, shudder in the snow, and you'll never feel safe in the city again...

Ik lul soms tegen mezelf maar mezelf interviewen.