De engine van Mechwarrior 4 wordt een hele schitterende als we de developers moeten geloven. Aan het eind van dit jaar moet het spel gereleased gaan worden.MechWarrior 4 marks an epic struggle to reclaim your birthright as you command an armed 40-foot tall, 80-ton, 90-mile per hour war machine across the remote battlefields of a hostile world. However, unlike previous incarnations that had desolate, sparsely populated battlefields, MechWarrior 4 takes place in a rich and dynamic universe. With new features such as dynamic lighting, rockets flares, and buildings that crumble into smoldering rubble, the MW4 team knew that they would need a powerful and flexible engine. "The engine is an incredibly flexible combination of technologies that is a descendant of the Tesla pods we did," reveals Wagner. "It was designed from the ground up based on a network architecture. It allows our artists to create realistic, natural terrains never before seen in an outdoor, first person game." According to Wagner the engine will also allow for over 20 different highly detailed Mechs to exhibit life-like movements and behaviors. "The Mech modelers and animators are able to bring these behemoths to life in highly detailed fluid movements," he stresses. "We put in a particle effects engine and tool (we jokingly call Pixel Pro2k) to bring brilliant lasers, fiery explosions and crackling PPCs to the screen. Each technology has it's own nickname, but all together I still call it MUNGA."