MDK2 is al een tijdje uit, maar de mensen van Eurogamer wilden toch een review maken. Waarschijnlijk duurde het zolang voordat de review kwam, omdat men er hevig verslaafd aan is geworden . Het spel krijgt een 9 en daarmee kan iedereen wel leven. (dacht ik)Otherwise MDK2 takes on the same basic style of play as the original game, presenting you with several enormous arenas, each consisting of a disguised puzzle or challenge, connected by claustrophobic walkways and tunnels. This is acceptable because the game is so entertaining, and finding the solution to the puzzle is very satisfying, often requiring some pretty lateral thinking. It's a pleasant blend of challenging puzzles, exciting, intense gameplay, and creative use of your inventory. With new items accompanying the old favourites, and a larger spiel to help out Max and Dr. Hawkins, there is always a solution hiding somewhere. As with the original, it's very linear, but who cares! And, as with the original, the soundtrack complements the action perfectly. As I played through MDK2 my mind wasn't on the soothing tunes playing in the background, but I would rather they remained. A far cry from the booming rock music that accompanies the menu system, which, just to put the icing on the cake, is wonderful Conclusion

With so many interesting things to do and unique puzzle-driven gameplay, the fact that it still harbours a linear style of play can be discounted to a certain extent. Reinvigorate your childhood fantasies of living in a cartoon and pick up MDK2 - there ain't much better in the genre. Na alle reviews nog niet helemaal overtuigd hoe goed dit spel is ?

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