Thresh's FiringSquad heeft een preview van MDK2 in elkaar geknutseld. Tevens zal deze game uitkomen voor de Dreamcast.

The characters are really distinct. Kurt has his patented sniper mode and tries to take enemies from a distance. Even up close, going into sniper and nailing something in the head usually means death to your foe. More than once I saw Greg start a fight normally then switch to sniper mode for a second, get a shot off to get rid of his current target then switch. In regular combat, all the characters have auto-aim to a certain extent. Kurt's is fairly generous as he has only a fairly weak machine-gun style weapon as his primary, while Max's is really tight. Of course, that's all for balance - even with his limited auto-aim, Max mows down everything in his path like the Wolf when faced with a straw house. How does he do it? How about 4 guns, one in each hand! You can mix and match too. Take any combo of sub-machineguns, chainguns and other brute force weapons, load 'em up and fire away.

Overall it's a great effort by BioWare so far. The graphics, animations, sound, level design, and most importantly, gameplay are all coming along well. For what is going to be considered the tailing end of the 'first generation' of Dreamcast games (at least in the US), it's extremely impressive. The PC version will be virtually identical, except (of course) in the controls (mouse and keyboard seems to be the obvious setup right now) and your ability to save anywhere.