Voodooextreme is via het MDK2 forum achter wat feitjes van MDK2 gekomen. De dreamcast versie is al gold en de demo van de pc-versie zal vlak voor de release uitkomen. Deze release zal waarschijnlijk niet te lang meer op zich laten wachten.Just thumbing through MDK2.com's MDK2 forum, and spotted a few posts that caught my attention. This first bit is from BioWare's Greg Z., on the PC demo of MDK2 (actually a question that I asked on the forum) -- my question is in italics: When can we expect a demo of MDK2 to hit the net? Any idea of the size, what characters we'll get to play, and what level(s)? The PC demo will have content similar to the DC demo - a couple rooms from each of the characters. We are planning to release the demo very close to the time of MDK2's release on the PC. I.E. it won't come out months before the game. This next one was posted by BioWare's Dave Chan, in regards to the difference between the PC and Dreamcast version of MDK2: The only real difference will be saving. The PC will allow you to save at any time, where the DC saves automatically at certain checkpoints. Otherwise the graphics and sound will be the same. I assume Dave means that the graphics will be the same, except that we can kick the resolution way the hell up there on the PC version. Just in case you missed it yesterday, MDK2 for the Dreamcast has gone gold. Check out the press release right here. Also, according to a post over on BioWare's site, the MDK2 team is "currently polishing the PC version". Hopefully "polishing" it doesn't take too long.De press release over de dreamcast versie is hier te vinden.