MDK 2 is eindelijk goud! Volgens interplay is MDK 2 af en op weg naar de winkels. Dit geld alleen nog maar voor de PC versie. Dus dreamcast fans moeten nog langer wachten.The critically acclaimed pioneer of stealth games continues in MDK2. Kurt and his distinctively-shaped sniper helmet enter an all new 3D world. In this action-thriller, you revisit this reluctant hero, the dangerously brilliant Dr. Fluke Hawkins, and the ever-helpful 6-legged Uzi-toting dog, Max. MDK2 includes tons of new items and gadgets for enhanced gameplay, more humor, and a totally new experience. Bioware, creators of the best-selling RPG Baldur's Gate and the critically acclaimed 3D action game, Shattered Steel, are taking MDK to all new levels of wacky action! Meer over MDK 2 kun je hier lezen.