Avault heeft een update gekregen van de ontwikkelingen rond MDK 2 voor de PC. De problemen liggen vooral nog bij de verschillende configuraties die mogelijk zijn op een pc. De bugs die in de Dreamcast versie ontdekt zijn zullen gefixed worden en ook de min-puntjes uit de reviews zal naar gekeken worden. Zo zal er een optie komen om de moeilijkheidsgraad in te stellen.Since I have heard through various sources on the Internet that MDK2 is gold, I thought I would write a little bit about what we have been doing for the last month since the release of the Dreamcast version. The official release has yet to go out, but I have heard from a very good source of its eminent disbursal. There are three main areas that we have been working on for the PC version of MDK2: PC specific features, compatibility and gameplay tweaks. Console gamers and computer gamers are completely different animals--they have greatly differing expectations with regard to standard game features. In order to accommodate the PC audience in MDK2, we have made some changes that can be considered standards of PC gaming. This includes instantaneous saving, allowing the game to be saved anywhere. We have also made the controls completely configurable and will ship with two default control sets: the famed WASD--my personal favorite--and the arrow keys-keypad configuration. And we have done some swanky sound coding to support EAX for sound that never ceases to amaze. Compatibility consists of making sure MDK2 works on all computer systems. This is no easy task on the PC. There are literally hundreds of different possible hardware permutations, and given that MDK2 requires 3D acceleration using OpenGL, we have to make extra sure all video cards work. We created a small launcher program that allows you to both test your configuration and optimize performance. We officially support Win95 and Win98, though with some appropriate trickery MDK2 will work on NT and Windows 2000. Do not ask me about the trickery--you will have to figure it out for yourself. Gameplay tweaks refers to altering features as well as the core game to address some of the issues that were brought up during the reviews of the Dreamcast version. While we have received a number of very glowing reviews for MDK2 DC, we also got some solid constructive criticism that we can now apply in MDK2 PC. Specifically, we have made the subgames less challenging and added in a difficulty level setting for players of various skill levels.

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